Tuesday Feb 06, 2024

#12 - There's Nothing My Brain Will Do Now Besides Say "Stuffing" (Featuring Brittany Shaw, Jeff Bimm, Mike Mott, and Chris Liguori)

It's a battle of the network stars here at Verboten! Hosts from all four of the other shows on the PTE Network show up to battle for brand supremacy, while Jay tries to keep these four chaos goblins in line! Join her as she welcomes:


Pun-Necessary Homophones:
Brittany Shaw - Listen to Frenemy Trivia, support local trivia, play the WTF with Jay!
Jeff Bimm - Listen to the brand-new PTE Network show Draught Daze!


The Bald And The Bountiful:
Mike Mott - In addition to the Pub Trivia Experience, check out The Dadicorns' debut EP "Sanity is Waning"!
Chris Liguori - Along with enjoying Boozy Bracketology, remember that mental health is important; it's okay to ask for help and say you're not okay. You are loved!

This episode sponsored by Critical Grind Board Game Cafe and Liquid Kourage Entertainment.

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