Tuesday May 21, 2024

#24 - There's Only Two Things To Do In Kansas And I Already Have A Baby (Featuring Ren O'Connor, Jeremy Cahnmann, Liv Ivie, and Ian Schulze)

A pair of Verboten firsts happen on this one, as Jay is joined in-studio by a special guest co-host (of sorts), and in this episode by:

Nothing Rhymes With Purple: 
Ren O'Connor - Take care of yourselves and each other, happy Pride!
Jeremy Cahnmann - Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints, respect people of all walks of life, love life, see the world, be kind, adopt don't shop, etc.


Everything Rhymes With Purple:
Liv Ivie - Tom Scott, get Jay on your show! Everyone deserves love, support local businesses, and be your own main quest!
Ian Schulze - Adopt don't shop, do some good in your community, volunteering can often be done from home!

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