Tuesday Jun 18, 2024

Spotlight - "Frenemy Trivia" by Tim Dippel and Brittany Shaw (featuring Jay Borsom, Bryan Nash, and Carmela Smith)

Jay is on vacation out of the country this month, so while she's away we're spotlighting some of the other amazing shows on the PTE Network!

Frenemy Trivia is a fun take on a traditional trivia competition podcast, as friends will quickly become enemies. This episode features show co-host Brittany as a contestant, but most episodes feature the delightful pairing of Tim, the show's straight man, with Brittany, who supplies endless puns and silly banter. Enjoy this early episode featuring Jay Borsom, Bryan Nash, and Carmela Smith, first released in June 2023, and follow the feed for more!

Frenemy Trivia on Podbean

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